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Who We Are

Alliance Reporting, Inc., founded in 1989, began as Dickelman & Associates, Inc.  The firm was a growing woman-owned corporation supplying freelance and per diem official court reporting services in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

In September of 1995, Dickelman & Associates, Inc. became Alliance Reporting, Inc. upon purchase of the firm by Suzanne L. Torres, CCR, and Karen M. Greenbaum, who remain today the current directors/stockholders/partners.  As both Suzanne and Karen were an integral part of the firm from its inception, the name was really the only change made.  The corporation continued operating seamlessly through the transition, and was thus able to maintain its loyal client base.

Alliance continues to operate in this region as a woman-owned (now nationally certified as such) small business with eight experienced reporters, all with state and/or national certification and up-to-date continuing education credits, who are always prompt, courteous and professional.  The firm maintains active status in the Central Contractor Registry, and offers a full range of court reporting services with complete flexibility so that clients can depend on quality work that meets their specific needs to their personal satisfaction.  In addition to freelance deposition work, the firm handles class action lawsuits/meetings/hearings/medical review panels/live-tape transcripts, and can provide compressed transcripts with word index, ASCII CD's, E-Transcripts, realtime feeds, digital video transcripts, scanned exhibits, video and interpreter services.  We have a convenient central location with free parking, and can provide conference rooms in New Orleans with speakerphones and refreshment amenities.

Through its commitment to providing excellent service with integrity and understanding, Alliance constantly seeks access to new technology and/or tools that can identify or enhance opportunities for education and growth.


Alliance Reporting, Inc./4919 Canal St., Ste. 303/N.O.  LA  70119

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