Audio/Video & Specialties Services



Alliance has a team of professional Certified Legal Video Specialists available when you need:

  • Videotaped Depositions
  • State-of-the-art videotapes
  • Professional editing suite
  • Copies - DVD, SVHS, VHS, MPEGS to any media
  • Foreign Conversions
  • Film & Photos to Video
  • Photos from video
  • Accident reconstruction

Additional Services

  • Video-Text synchronization
  • Courtroom presentations
  • Editing and timestamping
  • Day-in-the-Life
  • Seminars and meetings
  • Settlement brochures
  • Legal photography
  • Facility inspections


Alliance is ready also to assist you with your realtime needs.  We can work with your existing realtime software or equip you with free realtime software if you have none or wish to change.  The realtime connector enables you to see the words on your computer screen as they are spoken during the deposition immediately after they are keyed in by the court reporter.  AutoMark and QuickMark tools instantly tag relevant testimony for later review.  You can even pause, disconnect and reconnect repeatedly during the session.

Through the use of RealLegal Binder Transcript Management Software, you can quickly get to the merits of the case and identify the vital issues, establish links between related discovery and make notes about case strategy.  After marking relevant discovery, you can then trim down the project to excerpts that are integral to making your case.  You build concise digests that are mobile and easily shared with others involved in the case.